Final cake price is on a per cake basis, based on specifications and packaging of each cake. A general price guide for a basic cake with naked frosting and no decoration is:

$85 for an 8-inch round undecorated cake (serves 15-20)

$110 for a 10-inch round undecorated cake (serves 20-30)

$135 for a 12-inch round undecorated cake (serves 30-40)

$175 for a 14-inch round undecorated cake (serves 40-50)

$105 for a 1/4 sheet undecorated cake (serves 20-25)

$210 for a 1/2 sheet undecorated cake (serves 40-50)

$54 for 18 mini cupcakes*

Price is cumulative for multi-tier cakes based on tier sizes. 6-inch cakes are available as a top tier for cakes only. Prices of cakes are subject to change based on difficulty of decoration and number of tiers. Fully frosted cakes are applicable to extra fees due to the increased amount of buttercream needed. Additional fees may be applicable due to packaging and non-edible decor. Serving sizes are based on full slices; there will be additional servings when pieces are sliced party size.

For additional dessert options, please inquire via email or phone call, or visit our interactive dessert bar page or a la carte dessert pages.

*We offer cupcakes in corresponding flavors to your main cake as an option for budget conscious clients or clients with large guest counts. Minimum order of 18 cupcakes. Cupcake orders can only be placed in multiples of 6.

“Cake Shop” Custom Cake Page

Please contact one of our event coordinators here or at 702-300-7102 to add a cake to an existing package!

Flavor Options:

Cake Flavors:
Vanilla/ Chocolate/ Guinness Chocolate/ Carrot/ Red Velvet/ Coconut/ Orange Zest/ Lemon/ Chocolate Chip (Vanilla or Chocolate)/ Confetti

Vanilla/ Chocolate/ Cream Cheese Hybrid Frosting/ Whipped Frosting (Single tier only)/ Citrus/ Coconut/ Strawberry/ Banana/ Coffee

Chocolate Ganache/ White Chocolate Ganache/ Berries & Cream/ German Chocolate/ Peanut Butter Filling/ Cookies & Cream/ Nutella/ Lemon Curd/ Custard

*Inquire for custom flavors*

Naked Cakes:

Naked cakes have become increasingly popular over the past couple years. They are valued for having less frosting, and a slightly more rustic yet still elegant appearance. We feel a lot of modern cakes suffer from being overly sweet due to copious amounts of frostings and overuse of fondant. Hence, we prefer this particular style of cake as we feel it showcases the flavors in our cakes while cutting down on sweetness, and is classically attractive. Naked cakes can be done either semi-naked with light frosting and the cake showing through, or fully naked with just the filling in between layers of bare cake.

Buttercream/Hybrid Frosting/Whipped Frosting Cakes:

We pride ourselves on quality ingredients. Unlike many modern bakeries, we try to stay away from using shortening in our buttercream. Our buttercreams are made with 100% butter, which gives us a lighter fresher product without any of the waxy texture that you may associate with most commercial buttercreams.

Our classic buttercream is a traditional Italian buttercream, which is a type of buttercream that is stabilized so it will hold up, but is still extraordinarily light.

Our whipped frosting is a stabilized Chantilly cream. This type of frosting is usually used on cakes where you want a light and creamy frosting. Whipped frosting is only available for single tier cakes.

Our hybrid cream cheese frosting gives you all of the tang and richness of a good cream cheese frosting, and the holding power of a buttercream.

Fondant Cakes:

Fondant cakes are one of the classic styles seen at weddings and other celebratory events. They are particularly good for if you don’t plan on eating the cake immediately as the fondant preserves the cake by keeping out air. On the other hand, we believe that fondant (while edible) is detrimental to the overall flavor and texture of the cake as it is mostly flavorless and overly sweet.

One alternative to a traditional fondant cake is a cake that is covered with marshmallow fondant. Marshmallow fondant is a product that we create in house that has the look of fondant, but is much lighter and has a flavor closer to a marshmallow. This kind can also be flavored with extracts if desired. Marshmallow fondant is a good compromise if you are looking for something in between a fondant cake and a buttercream cake. This kind of fondant does not always allow the same kind of fine details as traditional fondant.

Sheet Cakes:

These cakes are the kind that you see at a lot of celebrations. A rectangular cake of your choice with some decoration and generally a celebratory inscription.