We at All About Catering Las Vegas believe in cost transparency with our clients. With that in mind, a breakdown of delivery & service charges can be found below.


All events must be booked no later than 48 hours prior to commencement.

A deposit of 50% of the total amount quoted in the proposal is required to confirm the booking of your event. Deposit refunds on cancellations are processed as follows:

Notice over 45 days prior to event 50% refund of deposit

Notice 10 to 44 days prior to event 10% refund of deposit

Notice less than 10 days prior to event no refund of deposit

Clients must meet a food and beverage minimum of $750 for drop-off events with no staff or $1,000 for staffed events. Clients will be billed for the final balance due 72 hours prior to their event. Complete payment must be posted by day of the event with either: cash, cashier’s check or money order. Payment with credit card can also be made within 48 hours prior to the event which will include a 3% surcharge. An 8.375% state sales tax applies to all events, along with gratuity.

Delivery Charges

All events non-inclusive of package deliveries are subject to a delivery charge as follows:

$65: Non-strip events.

$100: Corporate events on/around the strip.

$130: Non-corporate events on/around the strip.

All other events are billed on a per event basis.

Catering Service Charges

All events are subject to a catering service charge. This charge covers all necessary hidden costs associated with a catered event. Including but not limited to, event setup, menu proposal creation and various administrative tasks. (Providing additional gratuities to our friendly and professional staff is certainly encouraged and graciously received, but is not required.) The catering service charge that fits your event will be taken as a percentage of your estimate total. The breakdown of these charges is as follows:

10% Service Charge: This charge is for drop-off packages with no staff or for on-site packages in which no staff stay.

12% Service Charge: This charge is for a drop-off event with no staff with a menu that is not a specified drop-off package.

18% Service Charge: This charge is for events in which a package is ordered and staff are added to stay on-site.

20% Service Charge: This charge is for events where food/drinks are ordered and staff are on-site.