“Seoul Good” Drop-off Buffet Package

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Feeds 30 guests.

All inclusive package $1,060. Excludes state sales tax 8.375% tax. Includes local delivery * Las Vegas Strip additional fees apply*

  • Kimchi Salad
    • Shredded romaine, baby cucumbers, fermented cabbage & spices, scallions, and sesame seeds. Served with a sweet chili vinaigrette.
  • Sweet & Spicy Korean Chicken Wings
    • Crispy chicken wings tossed in a sweet & spicy Korean-style glaze.
  • Beef Short Rib
    • Succulent beef short rib served over a spinach and bok choy salad.
  • Choice of “Seoul Good” Dog or Scallion Pancakes
    • All beef mini corn dogs in a crispy batter with potatoes and a gochujang dipping sauce.
    • Crispy scallion pancakes served with roasted duck and sweet plum sauce.
  • Vegetarian Japchae
    • Sweet potato glass noodles and vegetables served in mini to-go boxes with a side of chili vinaigrette.
  • Sautéed Brocoli and Bok Choy
  • Mini Sweet Potato Cupcakes
    • Sweet potato cupcakes with a caramel buttercream and caramelized sweet potato garnish.

Ideal for upscale events, passed events, weddings, cocktail parties, and private events.

Also included:
Disposable plates (white) and napkin rolls with black plastic flatware

Disposable serving platters and tongs

Card descriptions of menu items

2 chef assistants

*Hotel availability is limited