All About Catering Las Vegas offers full service off-premise catering to private homes, businesses and event sites throughout the Las Vegas area. Since each event is unique, we prefer to give quotes or proposals once you have determined the menu. We will also need the number of guests, when the event is held, where the event will be held, is there a theme? Do you need additional services? For example: a florist, party rentals, or a wedding cake? We will work with you every step of the way to ensure your event is successful.

Service Staff

Your menu, venue, number of guests, and style of event will determine how many servers, supervisors, bartenders or kitchen staff will be needed. Some events will not require any. Our professional, personable staff will be dressed in our signature uniform. Male kitchen staff or servers will be dressed in either a Chef’s jacket, a black polo/long sleeved shirt with our logo, black pants, black shoes, and checkered apron. Female kitchen staff or servers will be dressed in either a Chef’s jacket, a black polo/long sleeved shirt with our logo, black pants, black shoes, and checkered apron. Chefs will be dressed in customized chef coat with name and logo, black pants, and black shoes. Bartenders will be dressed in all black. Servers be dressed the same as kitchen staff or in a white/black dress shirt upon request. Service staff is billed based on type of service required.

All service staff must be booked for a minimum of 2 1/2 hours per event.

Event Porter ($34 per hour)
Event porters are responsible for setting up rentals, buffet area, or kitchen space for onsite assembly servers during food service. They are also expected to clean up after guests during events. Rental breakdown is available for an additional charge.

Buffet Attendant ($39 per hour)
Buffet attendants are responsible for setting up rentals, buffet area, or kitchen space for onsite assembly. They also monitor food service to make sure buffet menu items are replenished and clean. Additionally, they can answer questions regarding allergies and dietary restrictions if needed.

Passed or Plated Server ($49 per hour)
Servers primarily attend to guest needs and are mainly responsible for passing appetizer items and/or serving plated meals or family style dishes to tables. They also monitor food service to keep buffet menu items replenished and clean if there is a buffet in addition to the passed items. Additionally, they can answer questions regarding allergies and dietary restrictions if needed.

Chef Assistant ($54 per hour)
Chef assistants are responsible for preparation and menu item creation either solo or with on site Chef present. They will plate any passed items, and garnish any buffet items. They also oversee kitchen set-up and breakdown during events.

Chef On-site Plated/Passed Menus ($115 per hour)
Chefs on-site are required for all plated events and are responsible for preparation and menu item creation. They will supervise any chef assistants and servers to make sure food quality and consistency is upheld.

Personal Chef Services (please inquire for more information)

Additional Bartenders ($51 per hour [bar packages include limited bartender service])

All events are subject to a catering service charge. This charge covers all necessary hidden costs associated with a catered event. Including but not limited to, delivery, and transportation cost, event setup, menu proposal creation and various administrative tasks. (Providing additional gratuities to our friendly and professional staff is certainly encouraged and graciously received, but is not required.* (Excluding cash bar services)

All events non-inclusive of package deliveries are subject to a delivery charge as follows:
$65: Non-strip events.
$100: Corporate events on/around the strip.
$130: Non-corporate events on/around the strip.

All other events are billed on a per event basis.
Additional delivery or return pickup fees vary depending on location
and specifics of event.

Beverage Service

All About Catering Las Vegas is a fully licensed liquor caterer in the Las Vegas Valley. We are also able to provide a customized beverage menu for you and your guests upon request for a small fee. Our bartender only services are a great addition to any event! Full tea, coffee, and non-alcoholic beverage service is also available. 

Rentals + Decorations

Depending upon the requirements of your event, we are able to take care of any rentals you may need. We are able to provide anything your event demands such as plates, flatware, glasses, linens, tables and chairs etc. The possibilities are endless! We can also coordinate flowers, wedding cakes, photography, entertainment etc. for a 10% coordinating fee of total services.

Deposit, Minimum, + Payment

All events must be booked no later than 48 Hours prior to commencement.

A deposit of 50% of the total amount quoted in the proposal is required to confirm the booking of your event. Deposit refunds on cancellations are processed as follows:

Notice over 45 days prior to event 50% refund of deposit

Notice 10 to 44 days prior to event 10% refund of deposit

Notice less than 10 days prior to event no refund of deposit

Clients must meet a food and beverage minimum of $750 for drop-off events with no staff and $1000 for staffed events. Clients will be billed for the final balance due 72 hours prior to their event. Complete payment must be posted by day of the event with either: cash, cashier’s check or money order. Payment with credit card can also be made within 48 hours prior to the event which will include a 3% surcharge. An 8.375% state sales tax applies to all events, along with gratuity.

Guest Counts

Food, beverage and add-on item charges will be based on the guest count. Final guest counts are due no later than 7 days prior to the event date. If a final guest count is not reported, All About Catering LV will use the number on the proposal provided. We will make every effort to accommodate any last minute increases in the guest count.

Any bar event with a guest count over 100 guests is subject to additional service staff.

Any buffet event with a guest count over 50 guests is subject to additional service staff.

Food Amounts

We will provide a set amount of food based on the guest count given by client. We are not responsible for your guests eating habits, or last minute attendees. If you are at all worried that some guests may consume more than the average person, we suggest you order more food. 

Additional Proposals

We are committed to giving you second to none customer service. However, because proposals are time consuming, we are able to offer one free proposal per client that includes one adjustment as a one time courtesy. Any adjustments or new proposals thereafter are $20 each.

Event Tastings

We understand sometimes you need a little reassurance for your investment. We do offer tastings that may be planned weeks or months before your event commences. Because we are not like a restaurant and have all supplies on hand at any time we must purchase those supplies specifically for your tasting. There is a $50 charge for two people per tasting or $100 for four people. This allows you to pick two (One entree, and side or appetizer item from your specific menu) Your menu will be prepared fresh for you at our commercial kitchen. Please keep in mind we offer nothing but class. We do not offer samples on a toothpick or in cheap plastic cups. Your food will be presented elegantly and a generous portion of each. Come hungry!