2017 - “A Date To Remember”

Knowing your event date is something we take very seriously. We encourage you to do the same. When you receive your event estimate and invoice, you will receive a courtesy reminder to confirm your event date and location. This is in part due to client experiences such as this story.

It was a Monday in early March, and we were just about finished with prep for the day. We felt confident that the following day’s event for the 5th of the month would be a huge success as we had worked with the client the previous year, and were familiar with the event location. At about 3:15 p.m., just minutes before we were about to leave for the day, the phone rang. It was the client calling to confirm if we could bring some extra chairs for tonight’s event.

“Tonight?” We asked puzzled.”

“Yes, my event is tonight the 5th, why? “ She questioned.

“We’re sorry, it’s just that today is the 4th, but we will make it work! How many chairs would you like to rent?”

The next few hours were a blur, as orders were shouted, and a furiously paced staff completed 5 hours of additional prep work in 45 minutes. A race across town to setup before 6:00pm along with a detour to pick up additional rented chairs turned into a Nascar pit stop. At 6:02 p.m., as we patted the sweat from our brows, the Dean of admissions casually walked in and exclaimed “This looks amazing, and I’m sure it’s as delicious as last year!”