2016 - “American Ninja Warrior”

The TV show American Ninja Warrior is a show about an obstacle course competition wherein athletes compete against one another to hopefully finish the course in the pursuit of winning the $1,000,000.00 prize.

Cooking for the warriors is a war in of itself. For starters, the competitors don’t break for lunch until 2 a.m., as the show is filmed overnight in Las Vegas for the finale!

Feeding 200-300 warriors simultaneously creates its own logistical challenges. Add in another 100 or so production staff, and the competition really begins behind the scenes. Now add in dietary preferences such as gluten free, vegan, pescatarian, and “whoa bro I only eat meat, and potato chips”– and the real obstacles begin! Unfortunately we were not given an opportunity to compete, but Chef Alexis did get to pet Jessie Graff’s pet pig “Sammo Hog”!