2016 - “Bent Not Broken”

Receiving a lot of business can be both a blessing and a curse sometimes. Throughout the years we have worked extremely hard to accommodate our previous client’s repeat business or events.

This becomes a challenge if the request falls on a popular date which has already been “completely booked”(maximum of three events per any given day), or if the event request is last minute. However, these clients know to depend on us no matter what as we truly live up to the name All About Catering.

One week in early August, this proved to be almost impossible. Originally, it was looking to be a great week. We already had three new clients, and each event had it’s own unique challenges. Then, the phones and texts started to roll in.

Not one, not two, but three additional previous clients requests for last minute events came in. Confirming the additional staff was the least of our problems. Storing, prepping, and cooking all the menus requested would be the true challenge. A challenge that was as large as the client events themselves was one of our clients, Mohawk Carpeting, who had a new product to be launched at the starting line of a Spartan obstacle course. It was only fitting as we would have our own obstacle challenge for the next 31 hours straight. Chef Alexis and the team worked around the clock to accomplish the impossible. Pushed to the limit most would’ve thrown in the towel, but not AACLV. Bent but never broken!