2017 - “Chef Alexis’ Last Event”

At the time, we doubt even Chef Alexis knew this would be her last event together with Chef Kyle at All About Catering LV. However, if you were to look at all the pieces after a puzzle was completed, this would be the corner piece that was under the couch. The two chefs had literally kept their promise to one another since their first event together. ”We did it– just look Alexis!” Chef Kyle exclaimed as he put his arm around her as they stood at the top of the Ogden, and looked south towards the Southern Highlands where they had catered that first event years ago. “Yeah, we did. We literally catered the whole valley.” Chef Alexis replied with a smile.

We wish Chef Alexis only success in her culinary care in Lake Tahoe, California, and wherever else her travels may take her. To contact Chef Alexis click here.