2019 - “Encore Can’t Wynn”

Knowing where your event is going to be held is something we take very seriously. We encourage you to do the same. When you receive your event estimate and invoice you will receive a courtesy reminder to confirm your event date and location. This in part due to client experiences such as this story.

They confirmed their date and location weeks prior, and let us know their suite number upon check in. When we arrived to deliver their event, we knew something was amiss. The client told us their suite was located in the Spa Tower Suites in the Wynn, but once we arrived we found out that that tower doesn’t exist at the Wynn? After texting the client multiple times without a response, and walking around the casino floor multiple times to each elevator location to no success, we finally received the text we dread: “Oh $#*!, my bad, we are actually at The Encore Casino.”