2012 - “Humble Beginnings”

Everyone has to start somewhere. In the culinary world, that start is often followed by free labor to hone the talent for a craft most humans desire to have: cooking. It may seem like a mundane task, like walking or chewing gum; yet ask anyone who has dared to step foot in a kitchen to put on an apron and attempt to execute a soufflé, and they will tell you it is anything but mundane.

Commercial kitchens are much the same way for chefs. They seem like such an easily achievable goal– as most are whisked out of culinary school and directly into apprenticeships at multi-million-dollar hotels, resorts, and corporate food empires. The comprehension that those kitchens took millions in loans and losses to create their establishments is often overlooked by young graduates.

Chef Kyle and Alexis, however, took nothing for granted, and built AACLV organically from humble beginnings in a rented kitchen on the corner of Charleston and Rainbow in Las Vegas. No loans, rich uncles, angel investors, or silent partners. Just two “kids” with a passion to provide restaurant quality cuisine and concepts in a non-traditional catering setting.