2013 - “One Pot”

It was two hours before the clients were to arrive for an afternoon private pool party with a coursed dinner. Our clients were a bunch of telecom execs who couldn’t give up the frat boy life from their youth; we had worked with them previously, and we knew that they were a rowdy group! We had worked at the rental property they reserved in the past as well.

When we pulled into the neighborhood, imagine our surprise when we saw that a series of police cars lined the street and individuals were being escorted out in handcuffs from the property our clients were to be renting shortly! Once we were finally allowed into the home, we looked around in absolute horror and immediately called the promotion host who had booked the residence for the client. We had a big problem! Not only was the house completely destroyed, with half eaten food and messes everywhere, but the previous renters had been smoking copious amounts of marijuana and shooting a rap video prior to being escorted out in cuffs! To us, however, that wasn’t even the worst part. The BBQ wouldn’t light, and there was literally one singular 50 qt. stock pot in the cupboard and nothing else. Had we not prepped everything previously in our commercial kitchen, and came prepared with our own cooking equipment, this event would’ve been a complete disaster. Instead we pulled it off and turned it into a huge success!