2012 - “Our First Event Ever”

It was a slightly chilly evening up in the exclusive Southern Highlands Estates as Chef Alexis and Kyle looked out from across the Valley at the Las Vegas Strip.

“We got this Alexis, we’ll cater this whole valley!” Chef Kyle proclaimed optimistically.

“I know we will” she confidently responded.

On a euphoric rush from the event’s build up, we were convinced the clients and guests responses were exactly what they anticipated.

“Wow you built a chilled seafood bar”?, a guest enquired.

“Oooh– what are those I want to try” another guest responded as a tray of artisanal sliders passed by.

“Those are too good!” a husband exclaimed to his wife as he pointed to the crab cakes.

The bar had been set high, as this was not a normal housewarming. This was the estate of Mr. Barton– a 15,000 sqft. home with an additional 8,000 sqft. garage featuring classic cars from several eras (many of which had been published in magazines and documentaries).

You want to talk about a first event? We can assure you that they definitely did!