2015 - “YouTube Circa 2015”

It was early in the morning at around 5 a.m.; the sun was just beginning to rise across the Vegas valley, and we had just finished loading the refrigerated truck we rented. This was going to be our largest event to date at the time: 6,500 attendees would soon descend on the Bootleg Canyon bike riding trails for the Interbike Convention, in Boulder City, NV. Hungry cyclist CEOs from all over the world would soon be dependent on our healthy food options to carry them through the event. All of which was now located inside the back of that truck. The truck fired up just like the day before, except this time the refrigeration wouldn’t kick on. As we frantically tried calling the truck rental company, they advised us that they could send a new truck in 4-6 hours but not before then. This was simply not an option for us, so Chef Alexis and Chef Assistant Alex decided to take matters into their own hands. With the help of an instructional video from a kind gentleman in Wisconsin (remember this is YouTube 2015), they were able to reboot the entire refrigeration system. As a loud high pitch alarm sounded, and the unit rumbled to life– we knew we were in business!!