“Wedding Brunch” Breakfast Package

$34 per person. Package is priced at a minimum guest count of 30. Please inquire for pricing for alternate guest counts.

Excludes state sales tax 8.375% tax. NOT AVAILABLE FOR DROP-OFF.

Package Includes:

Bubbly Bar
Bubbly Bar Includes: 1 Bartender (2 hours) House Champagne, Orange Juice, Peach Juice, Raspberries, Carafes, Ice, Ice Bucket, 1 6 foot banquet table, 1 contemporary black linen, and disposable tumblers. (Champagne flutes available for an extra +$1 per person)
Please inquire about our cocktail options or about upgrading to Prosecco or VVE.

Hot Coffee Air Pots
Fresh brewed coffee, assorted creamers, assorted sweeteners, stir sticks, disposable cups (decaf also available for an additional +$1 per person).

Seasonal Fruit Bowls
Individual acrylic fruit bowls filled with ripe, seasonal fruits.

Mini Chocolate Cherry Turnovers

Ezekiel Toast Scramble
Egg scramble, sautéed broccoli, julienne peppers, red onion, cold pressed olive oil and assorted seasonings tossed with organic parsley served in grab and go cups with mini novelty forks and Ezekiel toast point garnish

Deviled Eggs
Creamy classic deviled eggs topped with bacon and chive.

Finger Sandwiches
–Sliced Cucumber and Handmade Tzatziki
–Oven Roasted Turkey with Avocado Mousse and Sliced Tomato

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