Chef Staff Fruit Platter Prep

Chef Staff

Our chef staff oversees the preparation of your food from start to finish. Whether it is hand-selecting ingredients at the grocery store, cooking your menu items, or finally making sure things are plated and served hot and fresh at your event; they are involved every step of the way.

Chef Assistant ($40 per hour)
Chef assistants are responsible for preparation and menu item creation either solo or with on site Chef present. They will plate any passed items, and garnish any buffet items.

Chef On-site Plated/Passed Menus ($75 per hour)
Chefs on-site are responsible for preparation and menu item creation. They will supervise any chef assistants and servers to make sure food quality and consistency is upheld.

Executive Chef/Owner Kyle

Chef Kyle was inspired to open a catering business after moving to Las Vegas, and being disappointed with the options available. He believes in delivering quality no matter the budget. He focuses on fresh ingredients, quality cooking, innovating,and following food trends.

Executive Pastry Chef

Our pastry chef believes that if something can be made in-house, it should be. With a repertoire including but not limited to artisan breads, french desserts, breakfast pastries, cookies, cakes, and seasonal desserts, we’ve got all of your dessert needs covered!


Our event coordinator’s main focus is making sure your event goes off without a hitch. That means speaking with you directly to decide on event menus and desired services, making event estimates and invoices, and overseeing events on the day-of to make sure everything is set-up to your satisfaction.