Our philosophy

“Food needs to be fresh, innovative and straight from the heart…” -Chef Kyle Sweany

We believe in being straight forward and honest with our clients. Our reviews are real (emailed or written to us from past clients at real events), the photos of our food are real. We do not advertise fake awards or accolades to try and win you over. The food speaks for itself. We also do not ask relatives, friends or co- workers to write fictitious reviews for us. Ours have been earned by real, hard work. Quality comes at a price. Someone saying they cater cheap events will in fact cater a cheap event! Impeccable food quality and taste, amazing customer service, enticing menus and presentation that is second to none are the five most important qualities a caterer must have, and you are in luck because we possesses all five and then some!

Our specialties are “boutique-style creations” We create tasteful and rich bites that are not only beautiful and unique to look at, they are delicious! They leave you excited, but wanting more.

“Catering needs real, fresh innovative ideas now.” -Chef Kyle Sweany

We want our clients to receive the best product available for their catered event. We are sure everyone out there has been to some sort of catered event. We created All About Catering Las Vegas together after spending many years in restaurant kitchens. We both love to cook and to explore the amazing world of food together. We really wanted to make a statement in the culinary world that was lacking when it came to catering. So instead of investing in a restaurant, we started a unique catering company. There were too many events we had both attended throughout the years, and nine times out of ten the food has fallen short, really short! The food may look spectacular or the presentation is really a conversation starter, but when you bite into the food and it’s barely palatable, it’s so sad! We really want to bring something different to the catering scene that’s more than just stuff on sticks and pre-frozen canapés.

“Food needs to be fresh, innovative and straight from the heart…” -Chef Kyle Sweany

All About Catering Las Vegas truly believes in giving you not only value and taste with your purchase, you also get peace of mind knowing your guests will walk away completely satisfied, too. Everyone will talk about how amazing the food was and give you kudos for picking such amazing food. It’s a win-win situation! We cater to even the finickiest of palettes.

If you don’t have a vision yet, we can help you really get inspired! We are experts when creating lasting, unique memories for our clients. We do not always use the same décor or the same look for all of our events. We make every event personal! We truly are a unique catering company and our style proves it! Our menus have been created by spending countless hours perfecting each and every dish. Our menu selections are unique from other caterers.

“We deliver quality to each and every client, regardless of budget” – Chef Kyle Sweany

Rest assured all of the food we prepare is fresh, for each event from scratch with love! Whatever product that is left over we will donate to The Las Vegas Rescue Mission to help feed the homeless, unless the client objects, of course. If there is something you don’t see on the menu, we can make it! Our repertoire of cuisines is ever changing and never ending. We spend our extra time perfecting our menus and recipes to ensure the food at your event will be the talk of the town and a lasting memory.

When you call to inquire or book your event, you actually speak to us. We are “all about” true customer service! When we speak to you directly, it allows us to get a real sense of the event you are trying to plan. Your vision will come to life with us on your team. There will be no mistakes, because you spoke directly to us! We really listen to our clients. We will never forget all of the details necessary for you to have a flawless event. We treat every event differently, as it should be treated. We do not use the same pre- fabricated menu for everyone when you submit a proposal request. We truly customize your event wherever and however we can. No two events are ever the same! We always go above and beyond for you! You will always remember you had a personalized and custom event when booking with All About Catering Las Vegas, we always add our artistic twist.


You won’t need to worry that the food or service we provide will be just “ok.” It will be amazing, and our testimonials prove it! Don’t take our word for it, take theirs!